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November 22, 1926 - August 28, 2007

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The Importance and Influence of

Arthur Jones

My education began with Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin #1. I didn't just read this book, I studied it. It was a painful and humbling experience as Arthur dismantled my entire belief system about weight training, paragraph by paragraph, with his towering intellect. But very rewarding...

For decades Arthur was acutely aware of the shortcomings of using a barbell. His Eureka! moment came in the dead of night in the late 60s when he was living in Africa. He got out of bed, designed and ordered a part over the phone. When it was installed in the exercise machine the next day, it failed. But the reason it failed revealed what was needed - the cam. Using a computer, he designed each individual cam profile. The cam makes it possible instantly and automatically, to vary the resistance properly during exercise. The cam is the heart of each Nautilus machine... machines that were "so close to being perfect that any slightest imperfection is of no practical importance."

Legends like John Grimek, Arnold, Sergio Oliva, and Steve Reeves made the pilgrimage to DeLand, Florida to meet Arthur, train on the Nautilus equipment and learn. Peary Rader, founder and publisher of IronMan, told me of a phenomenon reported by his readers: Upon receiving the magazine, subscribers would read the Nautilus advertisements first! They found more information in Arthur's advertisements than in the magazine articles.

Brian Johnston has compiled a comprehensive inventory of Arthur's literary work. If you can keep an open mind, think critically and have a high pain threshold, reading Arthur Jones will be the most empowering experience you'll ever know. Welcome to the fraternity!

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