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Nautilus Bulletin #1 (PDF)

When Arthur Jones first picked up a Barbell, he knew there was something inherently wrong. In 1948, he attempted to build the ultimate exercise machine to improve upon these shortcomings he saw in barbell exercise. Twenty years later, and building nearly fifty prototypes in nearly ten different states and two continents, he finally built a winner and the rest is history. Jones, a self-taught student of exercise physiology in the meantime battled malaria, was eaten up by lions, withstood gun shot wounds, and survived many attempts on his life. He triumphed by surviving all of this and matching his brilliant engineering by writing the Nautilus Bulletins that have rocked the roots of exercise and bodybuilding for the last 40 plus years. Relive the action and go back to the beginning of the Nautilus Empire.

-David Landau


1. An Introduction and a Brief Background
2. Basic Physics of Conventional Exercise Methods
3. The Functions of Muscular Structures
4. Indirect Effect
5. Frequency and Extent of Exercise
6. Intensity of Effort
7. Cam Action
8. Full Squats ­ Pro and Con
9. Compound Exercises vs. Specialization
10. Irregularity of Exercise
11. Inducing Growth Stimulation
12. Secondary Growth Factors
13. The Limits of Muscular Size
14. Reciprocity Failure
15. Strength and Endurance
16. Speed as a Factor
17. Accurately Measuring Power Production
18. "Warming-Up" Properly
19. Superstitions and Myths
20. The "Instinctive Training" Theory
21. Growth Drugs
22. Range of Movement ­ Flexibility
23. Average Expectations from Training
24. Professional Medical Attitudes on Training
25. The Significance of Muscular "Pumping"
26. The Significance of Muscular Soreness
27. "Break-in" Training
28. Age as a Factor
29. Time as a Factor
30. Developing Speed and Flexibility
31. Muscular Proportions
32. Layoffs from Training
33. "Sticking Points" in Training
34. Confidence
35. The Significance of Measurements
36. Charting Progress
37. The Pre-Exhaustion Principle
38. The Harder It Seems ­ The Easier It Is
39. Conclusions
40. The Nautilus Principles
41. The Next Step
42. DeLand High School Training Programs
43. Training with Conventional Equipment
44. Recent Developments

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