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Early Ironman Magazine Articles


As a child, Arthur Jones read his father's entire medical library by age 10. Being a voracious reader, Arthur devoured every book he could get his hand on, including many of the early bodybuilding publications. As a result of his curiosity of human muscular development, he ventured to California to the Mecca of gyms, the original Vic Tanny's. He sought what he thought to be the learned experts and left not too long after in disgust, as he saw they knew no better than he. For another 25 years he researched the human anatomy and also worked tirelessly with the animal kingdom. When forced to leave Africa suddenly in 1968, and fell back on his passion, muscular development. It was then he launched a one-man attack on the mythological muscle magazines. At first, he was going to write anonymously, but when encouraged to do it under his own name, he wrote the articles that single-handedly brought the bodybuilding world to its knees. Take a look back as brings every word to life in these early legendary articles. You will feel as if you are living in the early days of Nautilus dominance.

-David Landau

The Upper Body Squat July 1970
Total Omni-Direction Direct Exercise September 1970
The Final Breakthrough November 1970
A Totally New Concept In Exercise and Equipment November 1970
Is Great Size Incompatible with Muscularity January 1971
Distance ­ Resistance ­ Speed January 1971
Speaking of Pump... February 1971
Jones Answers a Critic February 1971
How Muscles Perform Work February 1971
A Second Look At The Final Break-Through May 1971
And Then the Bomb May 1971
Reflections... May 1971
The Next Step July 1971
Is it Worth the Price? September 1971
Nautilus System Torso Machines September 1971
The Time Factor in Exercise November 1971
Size or Strength? January 1972
A Pistol Barrel or a Pillow March 1972
Train Under the Personal Direction of Arthur Jones March 1972
In Plain English May 1972
The Beginning Or The End May 1972
A Closer Look At Back And Leg Training July 1972
New From Nautilus - Omni Machines July 1972
New From Nautilus - Omni Machines (Squat Machines) July 1972
The Real Value of Exercise September 1972
Some of the Problems and A Few of the Answers November 1972
Accentuate the Negative January 1973
One Less Bump... March 1973
The Facts Are... March 1973
The Best Kind of Exercise May 1973
The Colorado ExperimentSeptember 1973
Five Types of Exercise; Which is Best? January 1974
Average Expectations From Training May 1974
Duo-Poly July 1974
The Most Important Area January 1983
From Here to Infinity: The DuoSquat January 1983

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