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Nautilus Bulletin #2 (PDF)


1. Basic Considerations
2. Commercial Bias
3. Personal Involvement
4. The Name of the Game
5. Diet
6. A Few Simple Facts
7. Self-evident Truth
8. Strength and Muscular Endurance Factors
9. Barbells: Pro and Con
10. Time Factors in Exercise
11. The Psychology of Bodybuilders
12. The "Mr. Nautilus" Contest
13. The Real Value of Weight Training
14. The Drug Scene in Bodybuilding
15. Weight-training for Women
16. Muscular Potential and Heredity
17. Muscular Function
18. Four Steps
19. Barbells vs. Exercise Machines
20, Direct Exercise
21. The Recovery Factor
22. Individuality
23. It Won't Happen Here
24. A Natural Mistake
25. The First Step Towards Understanding
26. The Second Step
27. The Third Step
28. The Fourth Step
29. The Fifth Step
30. The Sixth Step
31. The Seventh Step
32. The Moment-arm Factor
33. Fuel Air Factors
34. A Simple Example
35. Advanced Training
36. The Ultimate Physique
37. Proper Form
38. What to Expect
39. A Realistic Goal
40. The Present State of the Art
41. The Next Step

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